As a new young brand , FUTURO™ is another milestone in the high pressure laminate market. We at Futuro™ knowing that design interferes with our daily with our daily life all the while, are giving our best efforts to strive for excellence. We are trying to create a warm atmosphere through new designs and finishes that embrace modern style and technique; from the point of view, synchronized laminates apparel in our latest portfolio, we providing long lasting reliability and style to brand conscious who need creatity stimulation. Currently FUTURO™ having more than 400 types of design surface, these surface design retain the fine traditional design style, and also contain Trend-stylish design style in the same time, We believe we fully meet the current changing design requirements.


As the leadership of Synchronized laminate ,FUTURO™ is the brand with the most design surface choices in current synchronized laminate market. These synchronized laminate having highly clear grain, and the grain accuracy up to 99%. So it giving stronger vision impact, and closer to the deepest tactile impression of natural wood. Generally in laminates, the pattern and texture do not match so it gives a feeling of artificialness, while in Synchro, the embossed texture matches with décor paper design. Though it sounds simple, but this technology renders an unmatchable natural character and harmony to the design, quite the way as nature does. The design that you see is exactly the same that you can feel when you touch the surface. Futuro brings to you nature like designs in laminates, with the best of features and properties that technology can even provide, in terms of look, maintenance and longevity.

We can gladly say that Futuro™ Synchronized designs are the most premium, latest and the best that you can buy in laminates! If you are quality and efficiency conscious, Futuro™ Synchronized laminates will perfectly sync with your ideas, designs & décor, like no other surface.


Synchronized laminates are perfect replica of nature because it matches the texture of the décor paper underlying pattern rather than just applying a generic wood grain texture. Due to this it is known as Synchronized laminates because of the way the intended texture is Synchronized with the décor paper pattern. It is thanks to the innovation of technology that these real textures in laminate design are possible. These premium press plates are able to match the textures with the patterns of each individual laminates with perfect precision. Synchronized laminates is therefore an ideal choice for those who want their furniture to look as close to real wood as possible. Synchronized wood grain laminate combines embossed in register with wood grain, thus adding even more realistic definition.

As we know that peoples first choice is natural material but its use is restricted because of higher price, limited availability in large number of same group, difficulty in use, high maintenance cost and shorter life span.

Previously laminate design were not so perfectly matched with the material it replicated but now it is a matter of past as Futuro™ Synchronized laminates make you feel like natural wood. Futuro™ Synchronized laminates gives the real feeling of natural wood even with look and touch just like the wood veneer. Futuro™ Synchronized laminates have low maintenance as compared to natural veneer. It saves the environment as it fulfills the real look of natural veneers.  Long life span as it is made with imported decorative paper in India’s best laminate press. It is highly resistant against burn and stains. It is a perfect replacement of natural veneer as it gives the same look and feel as natural veneer.

We carefully monitor quality of all aspects to our product, all of our product conform to the appropriate international standard.

Futuro™ design laminates very intelligently and use of the colour is also amazing. It is the place where colours are applied in tandem with culture to blend with the ambiences. Innovating at every opportunity, the company product are more than 400 designs and 20 finishes like suede, matt, glossy and textured from imported design papers like Chiyoda, Japan, Techno Cell – Europe, Shatt décor, Suddeco, Interprint, Decotec – Spain etc. These finishes have dimensional stability in normal condition and resistant to surface wear & tear. To make this happen, the company has developed Surface Protection Technology (SPT) which comprises specially developed imported abrasive tissue papers, impregnated with specially formulated Melamine Resin are overlaid on imported Design Paper. To make FUTURO™ laminate more durable in actual use, its core support has been crafted with imported high quality craft paper impregnated with straight phenolic resin. SPT technology makes laminates capable of handling day to day stress and gives it resistance from scratches, dust, boiling water stain & rough handling.

FUTURO™ is a privately owned company with responsibility and energetic, as well as inventing in the staff training and service. As for Futuro™, we assure you to provide the best quality and services ever in the market. We committed to provide comprises of satisfactory with excellent service. “TRY US AND BELIEVE US”